Driver Risk Assessment

Identify where your drivers are most at risk with an individual, online assessment

License Verification

Verify your drivers are safe and legal to be operating their vehicle on the road

Online Training

From interactive CGI modules to quick safety videos, we’ve got you covered

In-Vehicle Training

One-to-one training where your drivers need it most

Driver Workshops

Group sessions for drivers to build safe driving habits

Grey Fleet Audit

UK-centric service to audit drivers’ personal vehicle

Safe Driving Culture

Helping to build and shape a robust driver safety culture


Companion+ Telematics

Getting the most from your telematics data


Companion+ Mobile Safety

The power of Companion+ in a smartphone app

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Applied Driving is working to eradicate the needless loss of life on the roads

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Together, we can make the roads safer

Protect your people and your bottom line with safe driving technologies proven to keep fleets operating safely and sustainably

Building safe driving cultures, powered by innovation

Revolutionize the way you tackle driver safety and fleet management with unique access to the latest technologies and integrations

A safe driving culture can be a powerful tool to keep your fleet drivers safe, but creating and maintaining one can be a challenge.

Our solutions are built to make managing fleet safety a breeze by taking the burden away from the day-to-day managers.
They are designed to be as simple as possible with maximum impact.

Whether your motivations are safety, sustainability or simply reducing fleet costs, see how we can help you.


Discover how we’re revolutionizing driver safety

Companion+ Telematics
Companion+ Mobile Safety

Get the most from your telematics data

Telematics solutions give incredible insight into driver behavior. But now you have that data, what do you do with it?

Companion+ to do all the hard work for you. It integrates with your telematics solution to analyses the data and automatically mitigates the risk before you know about it with our powerful Triggered Training™.

The power of Companion+ in smartphone app

Powered by Sfara, the Companion+ Mobile Safety app can detect driving behaviour using smartphone sensors. At-risk performance is then automatically addressed through Triggered Training™.

The app comes packed with Sfara’s intelligent crash detection algorithms. Additional features include 24/7 personal safety* and pre-drive vehicle checking.

*Available in selected territories on compatible devices

Driver Risk Assessment

Identify where your drivers are most at risk with an individual, online assessment.

License Verification

Verify your drivers are safe and legal to be operating their vehicle on the road.

Online Training

From interactive CGI modules to quick safety videos, we’ve got you covered.

And More...

UK grey fleet checks, in-vehicle training, classroom workshops and more.


Utilizing data and delivering results

Through our innovative solutions, we help organizations on how to best utilize their data

How do we do this? Well, it’s simple.

We automatically analyze your data and create insights. From these insights, we then create tailored actions to your driver’s profile. Over time these actions powered by our Triggered Training™ help to support and improve your driver’s performance.

The result? Saving your organization time, money, and increased employee performance.
But most importantly, making the roads safer for all.


Don't take our word for it...

“We identified two substantial risks to our organisation; driving on business and remote workers. Applied Companion is a comprehensive solution which addresses these risks..."


“Our partnership with Applied Driving really has helped us to establish a clear understanding of the work-related road risks and challenges faced by the Tracsis Group..."


“We started our partnership with Applied Driving in 2015 based upon the shared understanding that safety culture is at the heart of our business..."



We’re seeking like-minded partners to help save lives

Whether you’re in telematics, technology, fleet management or health and safety, we want to hear from you.

By working together, partnerships can offer customers access to the best technologies to help keep their drivers safe.

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