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Inizio Engage Targets Health & Safety Improvements for Lone Workers with Applied Driving Partnership

by | Mar 22, 2024 | News

Inizio Engage, the global healthcare partner, has teamed up with Applied Driving to support its clinical team and other lone workers using the Companion+ Mobile Safety App. The company has initially adopted the safer driving and personal safety solution across 65 mobile employees with a wider rollout planned for a further 115 users within its UK and US operations.

“The wellbeing of our team is of utmost importance to the business, so we are committed to identifying and using the latest health and safety innovations,” explains Kate Kelly, Managing Director UK & Ireland of Inizio Engage. “With the adoption of the Companion+ Mobile Safety and it’s personal safety features, we can elevate the welfare of those driving and operating alone by providing the highest levels of assistance, engagement and support.”  

Inizio Engage has previously used a lone worker safety device, but it lacked the functionality, usability and affordability of Companion+. The mobile app’s SOS function allows an alarm to be raised with a swipe of the phone, while Triple Tap is a three-tap process – even when a device is in a pocket or bag – to call for help and the check-in timer schedules a check call to confirm safety. In addition, crash detection uses mobile phone sensors, proprietary algorithms and AI to detect when a collision has occurred.

Caroline McGlynn at Inizio Engage commented: “Companion+ will offer our mobile clinical team discreet safety and security, anytime. We have used a pendant alarm before, but these required the user to physically hold the device to activate, which made them difficult to use. The Companion+ app possesses advanced functionality that makes it simple to alert the 24/7 call centre when someone is feeling at-risk or in an emergency.”

Companion+ is designed to improve driver behaviour while protecting users in a sphere of safety. The app automatically assesses at-risk driving events and sends Triggered TrainingTM in the form of a safety message, video or e-learning module, tailored specifically to the user’s individual needs. With the introduction of the personal safety features, it now provides added security and peace of mind anytime in any situation.

“It is important to enable growth and transformation through our people, our culture, and employee experience.  Safeguarding our people is paramount when implementing services,” (Kate Kelly).

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