We pride ourselves on being at the forefront
of the Fleet Risk Management industry.
Our numerous awards cement this devotion
to innovation and excellence.


Our numerous awards cement our devotion

to innovation and excellence.

Brake Awards:

September 2019: ADT Customer – Jacobs Engineering: Road Safety in the Community (Winner)

October 2017: ADT Customer-Jacobs Engineering: Analysis and action (Highly Commended)

June 2013: ADT Customer-The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association:Two Awards (Winner)

June 2007: ADT Customer-Merck Serono: Fleet Safety Excellence and NKL Automotive for Driver Safety (Winner)

September 2019: ADT Customer – Aster Group: Company Driver Safety Medium Fleet (Highly Commended)

October 2016: Fleet Safety Award-In partnership with Scottish and Southern Electric (Winner)

July 2010: Fleet Safety Award (Winner)

June 2006: Fleet Safety Award (Winner)

September 2019: ADT & Jacobs Engineering: Fleet Safety Partnership (Highly Commended)

June 2014: ADT Customer-UCB Pharma: Fleet Safety Performance and Monitoring (Recognised by Brake)

June 2007: Two Awards (winner)

May 2004: Fleet Safety Award (Winner)

Other Awards:

October 2017: European Transport Safety Council PRAISE Awards: ADT Customer, National Vehicle Distribution (Winner)

December 2016: Commercial Fleet Awards-with Scottish and Southern Electric (Winner)

December 2016: Commercial Fleet Awards-with Scottish and Southern Electric (Winner)

May 2005: Visa Business Innovation Award (Winner)

January 2017: National Green Standard Award



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