Driver Risk Assessment

Identify where your drivers are most at risk with an individual, online assessment

License Verification

Verify your drivers are safe and legal to be operating their vehicle on the road

Online Training

From interactive CGI modules to quick safety videos, we’ve got you covered

In-Vehicle Training

One-to-one training where your drivers need it most

Driver Workshops

Group sessions for drivers to build safe driving habits

Grey Fleet Audit

UK-centric service to audit drivers’ personal vehicle

Safe Driving Culture

Helping to build and shape a robust driver safety culture


Companion+ Telematics

Getting the most from your telematics data


Companion+ Mobile Safety

The power of Companion+ in a smartphone app

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Companion+ Mobile Safety

No telematics? No worries! The Companion+ Mobile Safety application improves driver behavior while protecting users in a Sphere of Safety.
Get the power of Companion+ from the convenience of a smartphone. Powered by Sfara.

How Companion+ Mobile Safety Works

Companion+ Mobile Safety monitors drivers’ journeys, behaviors, and incidents via a smartphone app.

The app supports driver development by establishing a driving behavior profile, individual to them. Based on their dynamic profile, drivers are issued Triggered TrainingTM to support them where they need it most.

Companion+ Mobile Safety also includes optional personal safety features to protect your team.

Triggered Training™

Supporting your drivers when and where they need it most

Understanding where drivers are at-risk helps only if you know what to do about it. Triggered Training supports drivers to adopt safe driving habits, specific to their uniquely identified risks.

Triggered Training uses a blended learning approach to maximize driver engagement and efficacy.

Safety Messages

Safety Videos

Training Modules

Organizational Needs

Is Companion+ Mobile Safety the right fit for your organization?


Companion+ Mobile Safety is a perfect fit for organizations who currently do not have any telematics or camera solution, and may have lone workers.

  • Designed for busy fleet owners and managers who need a solution to manage risk with minimal management interventions
  • Follows your team, not the vehicle
  • Fleets with Time-restricted management
  • Fleets with Time restraints for driver training
  • Fleets with Increasing insurance premiums
  • Fleets who want to protect brand reputation


Organizational Controls

Complete control of the frequency, pattern and thresholds


Organizations have the option of choosing exactly what interventions from the Triggered Training™ library are sent to drivers. Optional controls include:

  • What Triggered Training is issued
  • The time between interventions
  • The pattern of interventions
  • When to escalate behavior to management



Personal Safety Features

Opt-in for the personal safety features and bring your team into Sfara’s Sphere of Safety.

Triple-Tap Timer™, crash detection and emergency SOS offer a 24/7 safety net around your users.

Crash Detection

Companion+ Mobile Safety can detect collisions, even if you’re a passenger and not the driver.

Upon detection, our global emergency call center will promptly contact you to ensure your safety and well-being, offering assistance as needed.

Triple Tap Timer

Triple tap your device to get immediate help when you feel unsafe. Our global emergency call centre will call you to ensure you are okay, and ask for your PIN.

If you don’t answer or your PIN is wrong, emergency services will be immediately be dispatched.

Check-in Timer

Set a timer when you need it. If you have not checked in before the timer is finished, our global emergency call centre will call you to see if you are okay.

If no response is received, they will dispatch local emergency services to your location.

Emergency SOS

Be connected to the emergency call centre immediately

Whether you’re in a collision or just feeling unsafe, all without calling emergency services directly.


Up to 96% reduction in at-risk events

Follows the driver, not the vehicle

Additional Sphere of Safety protection

No installation or update charges

Cost savings from reduced incidents, claims & premiums

Improved Driver Performance


Pre-drive Checklist

Digitize your pre-drive vehicle checking with this optional extra.

Comprehensive checklist survey, in-app reminders, complete M.I. reporting and more.


Companion+ Telematics

Making the most of your driving data

Companion+ can integrate with telematics systems to automatically address at-risk behavior as its detected. Companion+ enhances driver safety and reduces organizational costs, while minimizing managerial impact.

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