Driver Risk Assessment

Identify where your drivers are most at risk with an individual, online assessment

License Verification

Verify your drivers are safe and legal to be operating their vehicle on the road

Online Training

From interactive CGI modules to quick safety videos, we’ve got you covered

In-Vehicle Training

One-to-one training where your drivers need it most

Driver Workshops

Group sessions for drivers to build safe driving habits

Grey Fleet Audit

UK-centric service to audit drivers’ personal vehicle

Safe Driving Culture

Helping to build and shape a robust driver safety culture


Companion+ Telematics

Getting the most from your telematics data


Companion+ Mobile Safety

The power of Companion+ in a smartphone app

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Applied Driving is working to eradicate the needless loss of life on the roads

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Modern Slavery Statement

Applied Driving Techniques (Global Solutions) Ltd are a provider who analyses risk factors on behalf of companies whose employees drive on company business with a focus on safety, cost reduction, training of drivers and how to manage the risk incurred when driving for work. Our supply chain includes the sourcing of data from the DVLA government agency.

Applied Driving Techniques (Global Solutions) Ltd do not tolerate forced labour and human trafficking or child labour in our operations, our Compliance & Data Manager on behalf of the Global Managing Partner UK carries out a Risk Assessment of our suppliers to ensure compliance. Our processes include actions to safeguard against human rights abuses by working closely with our suppliers who are UK based.

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