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Tracsis Plc.

Our partnership with Applied Driving really has helped us to establish a clear understanding of the work-related road risks and challenges faced by the Tracsis Group. This has subsequently enabled us to develop practical, achievable and proactive plans to mitigate risk and improve the behaviour of our drivers. Our plans have been guided and supported by a range of innovative Applied Driving solutions and their expertise in the road-risk arena. The result has been a significant and positive influence on the Groups safety culture.

Importantly, we have been able to de-risk our licence checking process, ensure legal compliance and provide a safe working environment for our drivers.  Applied Driving’s versatile approach to meeting our training needs has also allowed us to achieve a truly targeted and cost-effective driver training process. We continue to be particularly impressed with Applied Driving’s levels of expertise and customer service, and now we look forward to our continued relationship, building upon a mutual commitment to reducing occupational road risk and improving safety and well-being of our employees.

Kevin Smith, Support Services Director – Traffic Data & Services Division
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