Our range of integrated, managed and cost-effective services are informed by international best practice, and proven to deliver improved driver safety and performance outcomes. The majority of our services can be provided online or in-house, and are flexible to the needs and aspiration of our customers.

Driver Risk Assessments

Our Driver Risk Assessments build a detailed understanding of the risk factors drivers face.

The work-related road risk assessment follows our Fleet Safety Management Audit.

Your drivers’ responses allow us to ascertain where your risks lie, enabling focused interventions in those key areas. The assessments take place on our online platform, Riskmapp, which makes completion of questionnaires easily accessible and uncomplicated.

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Drivers complete the online questionnaires and confirm via declaration that they have read, understand, and accept your organization’s fleet safety policy.

The assessment covers the four fundamental areas of fleet safety: driver; driver attitude; journey; and the vehicle.

 A full analysis is given for both individual and collective results. Managers can easily access these results and analysis online via secure log-in. Our analysis allows recommendations to be made, first for necessary change at the organizational level, and then for training needs at the individual level. We offer a full action plan for your organization.

Typical Assessment, Action Plan
and Follow Up:

  • Drivers are assigned a risk level based on their answers to the questionnaire.
  • Recommendations for training or other interventions are made for all high-risk drivers.
  • Training recommendations are always tailored to the individual; different interventions will be appropriate to different individuals.
  • Where training is appropriate, outcomes are factored into management reports, automatically recalculating an individual’s risk profile.
  • Risk assessments are automatically updated in response to collisions and changes to vehicles or journey profiles.
  • We provide full administrative support and IT back-up with all assessments followed through to completion.

License Verification

License Verification for all your drivers can be a time-consuming and challenging task.

Having up-to-date information is an important part of maintaining fleet safety.

Allow us to take over your License Verification service. Our fully managed, best practice service dramatically reduces your administrative workloads while providing you with the up-to-date information you need for effective management and compliance.

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Our online platform, Riskmapp, makes License Verification even easier.

Our online system allows drivers to provide consent and license details without the hassle of paperwork and forms.


License Verification provides:

  • Validity of license
  • Entitlements and categories
  • Restrictions
  • Status of licence
  • Alerts for invalid licences
  • Protection from company liability when used in connection with our other services.

Blended Learning

  • Do you know the best ways to engage learning?
  • Do you need access to training specific to the identified risks?

Applied Companion

Comprehensive fleet safety and Compliance

Introducing Applied Companion

Artificially intelligent fleet solutions from the smartphone already in your drivers’ pockets

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No need to install devices to get advanced fleet safety and driver-management

Applied Companion uses patented artificial intelligence and on-device processing to identify risky driving behaviors and then correct them with an included service called Triggered Training™.

Not only does Triggered Training reduce your road-based risk, but it also dramatically reduces the time fleet managers spend counselling drivers about risky driving behaviors. In most instances, Triggered Training corrects those behaviors before other fleet products can even identify them and inform the manager.

Applied Companion complements Applied Driving’s comprehensive fleet services that reduce your business’s risk and ensures compliance.

In-Vehicle Training

We work with training partners worldwide to offer the best in-vehicle training solutions to your organization.

Our trainers have a range of highly professional backgrounds, including police and ex-military personnel.

When used in connection with Driver Risk Assessment, a dedicated Risk Manager can highlight your drivers’ problem areas and identify necessary solutions. Significant risk reductions are achieved when a combination of, In-Vehicle and E-Training is used to address high-risk drivers.

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Popular In-Vehicle Training courses include:

  • Defensive Driver
  • Economy Driving
  • 4-x-4 and off-road driving
  • Towing
  • Van Familiarization
  • Country Familiarization

We can also arrange simulator-based training worldwide for specific market requirements.

Mitigate any potential risks with proactive training services.

Our highly qualified trainers can also host a variety of workshops and group assessments, individually tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

 Past workshops include: 

  • Driver Risk
  • Journey Management and Safety
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Fitness to Drive: Fatigue, Stress and Sleep Apnea
  • Personal Security
  • Driving Overseas
  • Collision and Breakdown Management
  • Speed Awareness
  • Post-Collision Procedures

Fleet Safety Management Audit

We know that knowledge is the most powerful tool in improving your fleet’s safety.

Our strategy works by building a detailed understanding of the risks your fleet and drivers are exposed to.

We measure your organization’s performance against current legislation and best practice standards to gain comprehensive insight. The Fleet Safety Management Audit has three key elements: a detailed, pre-audit questionnaire; site visits and fleet management interview; and our presentation of recommendations and action plan.

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Our extensive Fleet Safety Management Audit includes: 

  • Fleet Safety Policies and Performance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Best Practice / Legal Compliance
  • Journey Planning and Scheduling
  • Recruitment and Induction
  • Driver Assessment and Training
  • Vehicle Selection, Maintenance and Security
  • Vehicle Telematics and Fleet Management
  • Fitness to Drive
  • Claims Reporting / Analysis

Line Manager Workshops

Allow us to make safety easy with our Line Manager Workshops.

Individually tailored to your specific requirements, we can guide you through our process, increasing results through improved knowledge and positivity.

Our workshops support line managers in understanding their obligations regarding the management of driver safety.

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Line Manager Workshops include:

  • Collision Analysis: Understanding the root cause.
  • Toolbox Talks: Delivering regular safety briefings related to driver safety.
  • Driver Audits / Mileage / Vehicle Checks / Attitude
  • Selecting Appropriate Training
  • Route Planning
  • Policy Implementation
  • Gaining Buy-In from Drivers
  • Developing and Maintaining a Safety Culture
  • Creating a Blame-Free Culture
  • Safety Observation Reporting and Action

Fair and Just Culture

The Just Culture Assessment Tool aids organizations to understanding and categorize poor employee actions.

It provides a clear model for analyzing and managing accidents and events. This ensures fair and defensible consistency across your entire organization.

We can help you see the patterns clearly, guaranteeing confidence in your assessments to help develop a culture of safety and learning. The transparent process documents and evaluates incidents such as; collisions, complaints, poor performance readings from telematics, poor vehicle checking and much more.

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The Just Culture Assessment Tool:

  • is an easy-to-use, electronic version of the ground-breaking Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • comes with an Online Advisor to provide real-time assistance, ensuring consistency across your organization.
  • allows you to create, review, save, and audit your secure assessments.

Benefits of the Just Culture Assessment Tool include:

  • A reinforced and consistent model of justice.
  • Clear safety objectives to support learning and improvement.
  • Transparent and invaluable analysis behind your organization’s safety culture and actions in breach
  • of these expectations.
  • Easy-to-use software reduces the chance of user error and assures accurate assessment.
  • Employees and managers receive clear directives, giving an opportunity for improved learning, allowing employees to understand all factors in their assessment.

Pre-Employment Checks

Included in our Pre-Employment Checks:

  • Past employment record verification
  • Previous drug/alcohol record
  • Criminal record check
  • Qualification validation
  • Controlled substance test
  • Health and fitness test


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