Sanofi Pasteur MSD


Sanofi Pasteur MSD is the only European company dedicated exclusively to vaccines and is a leading provider of vaccines in the UK. The company was formed in 1994 as a joint venture between Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine division of Sanofi, and Merck Sharp & Dohme, the pharmaceutical company known as MSD outside the US and Canada.

The challenge

Sanofi Pasteur MSD identified a need for a clear strategy to manage work-related road safety within the organisation. The company had found that some elements of fleet compliance and risk management were already being undertaken with the business, but recognised that there was no consistent or centrally-managed approach that was in line with its commitment to corporate responsibility.

The solution

Sanofi Pasteur MSD engaged with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) in the summer of 2014 to develop and implement a managed fleet compliance and risk management solution across its fleet of 100 drivers. As a result, ADT introduced Work Related Road Risk Assessments, Grey Fleet Management and Licence Monitoring, as well as a targeted training programme, to improve road safety, minimise levels of risk and reduce insurance claims.

All drivers, including a significant number of medical sales representatives, initially completed an online risk assessment that focused on three key areas – Driver, Journey and Vehicle. This enabled ADT to analyse the data to established high-and medium-risk employees that could benefit from increased awareness and driver training.

ADT developed a bespoke training programme that combined both e-learning and in-vehicle sessions. In the first year, medium-and high-risk drivers completed a hazard perception module online, while very high-risk drivers also received a half-day in-vehicle training session based on the results of individual risk assessments. In the second year, all drivers undertook a general awareness module online, while additional in-vehicle training took place on a case-by-case basis.

Meanwhile, an electronic licence monitoring service has been introduced to ensure that all drivers have a valid and appropriate licence. This automated solution removes the need for a paper-based system, reducing the administrative workload and addressing any issues of inaccuracy. ADT also created a robust grey fleet system to ensure that all drivers, whatever the vehicle they are operating, are doing so in a compliant manner. This includes a series of checks covering the vehicle, maintenance, insurance, legality and documentation which can be managed on your behalf.


“Working closely with ADT we have been able to introduce a clear audit trail across all fleet compliance and risk management requirements, enabling us to achieve a 100 per cent driver completion rate. In addition to this, the bespoke targeted training plan that has resulted in a 31 per cent reduction in insurance claims and significant improvements in road safety. ADT’s engaging approach has made for a highly positive driver experience and I would strongly recommend their services to other organisations.”

Donna Roberts, Facilities Manager