Driver Risk Assessment

Driver Risk Assessments

Our Driver Risk Assessments build a detailed understanding of the risk factors drivers face.

The work-related road risk assessment follows our Fleet Safety Management Audit.

Your drivers’ responses allow us to ascertain where your risks lie, enabling focused interventions in those key areas. The assessments take place on our online platform, Riskmapp, which makes completion of questionnaires easily accessible and uncomplicated.

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Drivers complete the online questionnaires and confirm via declaration that they have read, understand, and accept your organization’s fleet safety policy.

The assessment covers the four fundamental areas of fleet safety: driver; driver attitude; journey; and the vehicle.

 A full analysis is given for both individual and collective results. Managers can easily access these results and analysis online via secure log-in. Our analysis allows recommendations to be made, first for necessary change at the organizational level, and then for training needs at the individual level. We offer a full action plan for your organization.

Typical Assessment, Action Plan
and Follow Up:

  • Drivers are assigned a risk level based on their answers to the questionnaire.
  • Recommendations for training or other interventions are made for all high-risk drivers.
  • Training recommendations are always tailored to the individual; different interventions will be appropriate to different individuals.
  • Where training is appropriate, outcomes are factored into management reports, automatically recalculating an individual’s risk profile.
  • Risk assessments are automatically updated in response to collisions and changes to vehicles or journey profiles.
  • We provide full administrative support and IT back-up with all assessments followed through to completion.



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