CORGI originated as the government’s register of leading gas installers. The brand is strongly associated with safety, trust and expertise, qualities it was determined to see applied to its vehicle fleet. CORGI’s objective was to achieve the best possible fleet management practice and to ensure full Duty of Care compliance. As well as important objectives in themselves, this was seen as vital in maintaining CORGI’s brand values.

ADT worked with CORGI right from the start of the process, carrying out a fleet safety management audit, work related road risk assessment and then instigating training regimes to ensure best practice among CORGI’s drivers.

  • A proven fleet management strategy was implemented
  • From the first fleet management audit there have been regular reviews to measure the need of further changes;
  • The safety culture existing across the company was transferred to the fleet
  • There was a 127% reduction in claims
  • The reputation of the bran has been enhanced
  • Direct and indirect costs have been reduced
  • Full Duty of Care compliance – CORGI is now used by several safety organisations as an example of best practice