Apollo Group

Apollo is a property services business, and Apollo’s Housing division is involved in the refurbishment of social housing, frequently working on very large projects. The business has a fleet of approximately 400 vans and ADT was called in to review the fleet management policy in the light of unusually high collision rates, even by the standards of the building trade.

The workforce included tradesmen recruited from throughout the EU, with a cross-section of ages. There was no policy in place as to who should have the responsibility of driving in the individual teams of workers. We identified the high risk groups and used a combination of training and replacement with lower risk profile drivers to achieve the results shown below.

The following figures show the improvement in claim rates in the year before and the year after ADT’s involvement with the fleet:


  • Total number of claims – 254
  • Total number of collisions – 277
  • Blameworthy collisions – 112


  • Total number of claims – 136 (46.5% improvement)
  • Total number of collisions – 116 (51% improvement)
  • Blameworthy collisions – 70 (37.7% improvement)

Cost savings

  • Reduction in claims – £702 690
  • Direct and indirect savings for all collisions – £958 755
  • Direct and indirect savings for blameworthy collisions – £250 110
  • Annual saving in insurance premiums – £40 000 (£100 per vehicle)