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Identify where your drivers are most at risk with an individual, online assessment

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Verify your drivers are safe and legal to be operating their vehicle on the road

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One-to-one training where your drivers need it most

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Group sessions for drivers to build safe driving habits

Grey Fleet Audit

UK-centric service to audit drivers’ personal vehicle

Safe Driving Culture

Helping to build and shape a robust driver safety culture


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Getting the most from your telematics data


Companion+ Mobile Safety

The power of Companion+ in a smartphone app

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Why Leadership is Important in Driver Risk Management

Why Leadership is Important in Driver Risk Management

Leadership in driver risk management takes many forms but there are two that stand out above the others. The first is a solid and authentic commitment from those at the top of the business. The second is making that commitment public. It is so important that the...
Why fleet and driver safety shouldn’t be a lottery

Why fleet and driver safety shouldn’t be a lottery

Do you play the National Lottery? Millions do and, every week, they buy a ticket in the hope of winning the jackpot. Yet the odds of doing that are a vanishingly small 1 in 45 million! And still, millions of people think it might be them. In Great Britain, there are...
Driving Standards Up through an ESG Approach

Driving Standards Up through an ESG Approach

Applied Driving began working with the National Green Standard (NGS) almost as soon as NGS began. The relationship has brought many benefits to both our organizations, and we still hold the accolade as the first service company to have taken formal accreditation...
Applied Driving Takes the Stage

Applied Driving Takes the Stage

The Power of Leadership and Data in Creating a Safe Driving Culture at The HSE Global Series At Applied Driving, we’re thrilled to be returning again this year to participate in The HSE Global Series as official partners in Atlanta on the 14th and 15th of March, 2023....
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